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Steel Summit: A steel conference for manufacturing companies, fabricators, service centers, wholesalers, trading companies, steel mills, toll processors and companies who provide products and services to the steel industry.

August 22-24, 2022 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Georgia International Convention Center

Additional details can be found here.

To your left is a demonstration of the Steel Market Update Interactive Graphing Tool which can be found in the Pricing section of our website. Using the Interactive Graphing Tool, Members are able to view current and historical market pricing for hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized, Galvalume, #1 heavy metal scrap, shredded scrap, and #1 busheling scrap.

Not only will your Membership allow you to view current real time prices, but as a member you can also view weekly, monthly, and yearly averages. Our Interactive Graphing Tool will even enable you to compare value averages and products side by side.

Scroll over the graph to see individual data points. You can control what products are shown by clicking on the colored dots next to the product names. At the top of the graph you can drag the bars in order to view the data for a specific time period.

Our members (including free trial members) will be able to access the data in both table and graph format.

(Note: the public graph is intended to give users an understanding of the capabilities of our Interactive Graphing Tool. It does not show current pricing)

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NewsletterSteel Market Update is North America's leading source for flat rolled steel market news and price information. The SMU newsletter is our flagship product and service. Steel Market Update subscribers benefit from weekly insights into key market indicators and real time pricing. Hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized, galvalume, and scrap are continuously tracked and analyzed by our experienced industry experts.

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Steel Price Estimator

The Price Estimator allows you to calculate the "average" prime price for any specific gauge, width, quality and coating weight. This includes hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized and Galvalume steel. The SMU Price Estimator uses our spot price assessments to determine the average base price for each flat rolled steel product . We then add the domestic mill extras for thickness, width, quality and coating when applicable. You can click on the link below or on the Estimator tab at the top of each page to get to test the Price Estimator which is free to the public.

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  • The only steel industry training to include full mill tours
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  • Learn how to execute the initial trades associated with the strategy, and much much more.

Steel Market Update is proud to be the leader in steel market education and training. We offer a variety of engaging workshops that provide attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary in today's competitive steel market. Our workshops and conferences are offered across the country and are facilitated by industry experts. For more information, click here.

Hot Rolled Futures

CME Hot Rolled Coil Futures
as of September 9 (final)
Sep 1,927 -16 1,943
Oct 1,900 +0 1,900
Nov 1,838 +6 1,832
Dec 1,745 +3 1,742
Jan 1,680 +0 1,680
Feb 1,619 -27 1,646
Mar 1,546 -9 1,555
Apr 1,533 +48 1,485
May 1,471 +41 1,430
Jun 1,375 -30 1,405
Jul 1,330 +0 1,330
Aug 1,300 -10 1,310
Sep 1,260 +0 1,260
Oct 1,230 +0 1,230
Nov 1,220 +0 1,220
Dec 1,220 +0 1,220
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BUS Scrap Futures

CME #1 Busheling Scrap Futures
as of September 9 (final)
Sep 610 +0 610
Oct 588 -12 600
Nov 592 -23 615
Dec 597 -18 615
Jan 600 -20 620
Feb 600 -20 620
Mar 600 -20 620
Apr 600 -20 620
May 600 -20 620
Jun 600 -20 620
Jul 590 +0 590
Aug 585 -5 590
Sep 585 -5 590
Oct 550 -40 590
Nov 550 -40 590
Dec 550 -40 590
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